Here is our list of 2016 Merchants

Live Demo

Merchant NameDescriptionMerchant Since
Brazin' Lady Custom Bronze CreationsBrazed Bronze Creations2002
Crossbows of the KingdomGame with authentic handmade period european and asian wooden crossbows. Stop by for a live demonstration on the construction and shooting of period crossbows2013
Dragons Watch ForgeForge and Foundry2000
EdgestoneCustom and original hand carved natural stone for interior or exterior display2014
Elan PotteryStoneware Pottery and All Natural Body Creme2008
Enchanted Chains JewelryChainmaille Jewelry and Sterling Silver Jewelry2012
Fire Om EarthHand crafted bamboo and clay flutes and ocarinas2017
Haller GlassGlassblowing demonstration and sales2001
Henna IlluminataHenna Artwork2001
Heroes On A QuestJoin us for a Live Action Quest around the Festival!2015
Inch By Inch WeavingHand woven clothing and accessories2007
Inner Beast LeatherHandcrafted leather clothes, armour, and accesories for all ages.2013
Magickally IntertwinedWire wrap jewelry2008
Majestic GlassHand sculputed glass torchwork2009
Marrus ArtFantasy Paintings2003
Melting Dragon CandlesMake your own candles, wax hands and incense2000
Shadow of TimeCooper's Smith2004
Sky ChairsRope Wood Hanging Canvas Chairs2015
Star and Crescent CastingPoured concrete stone casting art and decor. Recycled art.2015
Thatcher's Leather ArtistryLeather Goods2006
Travelers Wooden TreasuresTurned wooden items, functional and artistic. Carved spoons, forks, blacksmithed blades with wooden handles and leather sheaths.2014
Valhalla's HordeCoin Press2000